Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Sunset

On Sunday 6th December, the Cottesloe Coastcarers exchanged buckets of water, shovels and gardening gloves for glasses of wine, picnic blankets and a football as we gathered on the lawn of the Cottesloe Civic Centre for our annual christmas party. The hidden culinary talents of the group were showcased with a wonderful variety of food bought to share. From quiches, Robyn's salad and Frauke and Sue's home made dips to Christmas tree shortbread biscuits, our tastebuds were certainly treated.

Not to be outdone, Cottesloe put on a spectacular sunset providing a beautiful backdrop for the evening. With a prominent topic of evening conversation being Keith and Frauke's imminent (and enviable) trip to Iceland to see the Northern lights, some of us quietly wondered whether they could possibly be better than the lights in the sky at Cottesloe that evening.

The conversation flowed freely between Councillors (thanks to Greg Boland and Pat Carmichael), contractors and CCA volunteers as we all reflected on the wonderful progress we made this year. Hot topics of the evening included Megan's successful completion of her PhD and how much Frauke's grandchildren had grown in a year. A huge thank you to Robyn, Frauke and Mike for organising such a wonderful evening. Along with the AGM, I look forward to the CCA Christmas Party every year.
[Thanks to Peta for posting for us.]

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We keep busy!

Saturday 28th November was Cottesloe's HULLABALOO Festival.
Napoleon Street and Station Street were closed to traffic and a great time was had by all as cafe and restaurant tables spilled across the streets. There were activities for kids, music, freebies and lots of balloons.

CCA shared a marquee with Cottesloe's Sustainability Officer and the Earthcarers. In the photos above you can see Frauke and Jan ready to chat to everyone about the work of CCA. We signed up some new financial members on the day, which was great. We need community support - to help on the dunes but also to help pay our considerable insurances, trailer registration and small admin costs each year. Funding bodies take into account how much community support we receive when we apply for funds for plants and fencing and ramp building. Thanks to our new members!

On Monday 1st December we had a totally different activity! At 7am Frauke and I headed off in the dunes with eskies, water and secateurs to take cuttings from 4 species of local plants. These species were chosen as we have been unable to collect viable or sufficient seed from them to grow plants for the MUDURUP ROCKS/SYNERGY project. We wrapped the small cuttings carefully in damp newspaper and then delivered them to APACE Nursery. Sue and Peta met us there to pot up all the tiny cuttings. Whitney from APACE took us through the procedures - what to cut, how to cut, where to cut, fungicide dipping, hormone gel application, tiny holes in the potting medium,(made with the pencil 'dibbler') and then carefully placing the cuttings in the mix, firming down and finally a gentle watering in. Then fingers crossed!

Peta, a newly 'dedicated' Medical Doctor (CONGRATULATIONS PETA) was naturally brilliant with the scissors, Sue and I soldiered on and Frauke had to be administered regular slices of carrot cake to keep up her enthusiasm. Many hours later we had potted up almost 1000 cuttings - you can see our results in the photo below. A fantastic effort - now let's hope a good percentage survive for us to plant at Mudurup Rocks in June 2010.