Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank YOU

Thanks Robyn and Peta. Of course I am following in some big footsteps - Robyn has also been a Cottesloe CoY.

Awards like this are of course a recognition of a much wider effort and CCA would not be able to achieve all that it does without the fantastic support of all you volunteers who come along and weed, water, plant and all the other things that need doing...and make it a fun thing to do. So thank you.

We are also fortunate in Cottesloe to have councillors who listen and take action on issues that are important to CCA - and some of them even come along and dig and weed and water! So thank you Cottesloe Councillors.

The final link in the chain are the council staff who are willing to work with us and make sure we are all working to the same ends. Geoff, our council engineer, Dave, Ken and Andy and the guys at the depot and Kate Sputore our North Metro Coastcare Officer all play an important role in protecting our very fragile coastline.


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