Monday, July 20, 2009

A Handshake from Gilly.

On 2nd July, Mike and Kate drove up to Iluka to attend the presentation of sunshade tents by Suncorp. One of the 20 community groups in WA to win a sunshade tent was our own Cottesloe Coastcare. The tents, worth $4000 each, were presented by our great wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist, who is the SunWise ambassador for the Suncorp Bank.

The Sunshade Tent Grant Scheme is an initiative of Suncorp in partnership with the Scott Kirkbride Melanoma Research Centre. Scott Kirkbride was a young victim of melanoma, and the Research Centre, based at the WA Institute for Medical Research in Nedlands, was formed to increase funding for research and awareness of Melanoma danger. The tents are provided to successful applicants as a practical way to protect the community.

Gilly congratulated Cottesloe Coastcare for its valuable work, and pointed out how much time we spent outdoors exposed to the sun. He talked about the danger of ultra-violet radiation (even in cloudy weather) and cited research showing that shade could reduce UV by up to 75%. He hoped we would get plenty of use out of our shade-tent and that we would continue our good sun-safety habits throughout the year.

Some of the other community groups to receive a shade-tent were CanTeen (young people living with cancer), the Rottnest Voluntary Guides, the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre and the Bunbury Netball Association. Members of the Joondalup junior Cricket Club, another winner, were at the ceremony, ready to play a scratch match with Gilly.

We were presented with a letter of congratulations and a bottle of suncream. The tent itself has now been delivered, and we are storing it with the trailer at the Council depot. We will be able to erect the tent near the trailer during our activities, providing a shaded place where volunteers return each time to pick up seedlings, water buckets and tools, and have their morning tea. We also hope to be able to lend it to neighboring environmental groups such as Friends of Mosman Park Bushland and Friends of Allen Park.

(thanks to Mike for writing this. That's Mike with Gilly in the lower photo)
Photos courtesy of Emma Lohe, Suncorp.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Among the cockies' tongues - after 20 years!

It was such a glorious day yesterday that anything outdoorsy was going to be nice, but planting in the Cottesloe Native Garden on Broome Street was particularly lovely - amongst the spectacular flowering cockies' tongues (Templetonia retusa). We put in some new Acacia lasiocarpa (dune moses), Hardenbergia comptoniana (native wisteria), Dianella revoluta and some more cockies' tongues.
The morning's work was all the more special for me because I'd been there, doing the same thing, about 20 years ago when I was at Seaview Kindergarten (which is right next to the garden - a lovely spot). The banksia I planted all those years ago is still thriving! (At least I think it's the same one, and I'm willing to claim it!) Even better, there was another Seaview alum (also called Kate) in the planting team so it was quite the reunion. I'll look forward to dropping by in another 20 years to see all those acacias and templetonias flourishing.

Yesterday also marked the last planting session for the year for the
dedicated CCA team - congratulations on getting 3000 plants in this year!
(thanks for sending CCA this note for our blog Kate. We love to have enthusiastic young people join us in our work but what a special thrill to work with Kate and Kate where they planted trees as kindy kids!
Thanks to Elena's Mum, Merinda for the photos.)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bathed in sunshine

Unlike Monday's session our regular monthly Sunday session had beautiful sunshine and a gentle breeze - ideal weather for planting at Grant Marine Park. Dom, Ben and Aaron from Hale School joined us and soon became expert at erecting guards around the new plants to keep the rabbits away.

Sarah, an Iona student doing community service work, was quickly into the swing of planting and helped plant some of the 100 or so new acacias, scaevolas and rhagodias that went in.

Dan, Steve and Marcus from NES Global also joined us as part of NES Global's committment to their Environment Week.

Having extra hands makes a big difference to the work that we get done and hopefully our visitors get as much satisfaction as we do.
Thanks for coming along!

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Battered by storms

Thirteen boys and their teacher battled the elements for an hour on a Monday morning (June 29) to work on dune rehabilitation. They were Year 8 students from Scotch College and their teacher Lisa Evans, and they planted seedlings at the southern end of Grant Marine Park in gale-force winds. At times there was horizontal rain, but that didn’t deter the boys. In fact, the amount of care they put into the planting was remarkable in those adverse conditions.

Despite all the rain we’ve been having, the soil was still dry, so we watered them in, in the usual way. Our Coastcare Officer Kate Sputore and three members of Cottesloe Coastcare helped to make the whole thing run smoothly. I hope the boys had warm classrooms to go back to! They did an excellent job.

(Thanks to Mike Gregson for coordinating this stormy session! thanks Mike for the blog post too)