Saturday, November 24, 2007

community centenary celebrations

On Sunday 18th November many groups from the Cottesloe community came together on the lawns of the Civic Centre to celebrate Cottesloe's 100th Birthday and to share ideas for the days ahead. Town of Cottesloe hosted a community afternoon and evening concert.

We had a fun day. CCA had a marquee with information about our projects and a fascinating photographic display showing historic photos and recent photos from the same sites - (where CCA volunteers have been active) and showing some good results in biodiversity conservation. Thanks Sue!

We ran a competition during the afternoon which was popular with many school children. There were 10 potted plants - the aim was to identify which plants were local native plants and which were troublesome weeds locally.
The weeds on show were all from South Africa and are taking the place of local plants along the foreshore. (click on photos to enlarge)
We encourage people to always think very carefully about their choice of garden plants, but particularly if you live near natural bush or foreshore areas. Some garden weed escapees can change the nature of our bushland for ever. Examples of such weeds are gazanias, veldt daisies, watsonias, freesias and yellow soldiers. To learn more about weeds in WA go to :

The Cottesloe Mayor, Kevin Morgan, announced the winners of the CCA Flotsam photo competition and presented Cottesloe beach towels to the winners. Click here for the winning pictures. The prizes were donated by Peter Dunn of Fun's Back Surf Shop at 120 Marine Pde, Cottesloe. Thank you Peter.
Asher with his photo prize towel from 'Fun's Back', Cottesloe.

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers are celebrating 12 yrs of hard work along the foreshore but the challenges ahead are huge! If our local natural environment and biodiversity conservation were considered to be core business by the whole community much more could be achieved. Threats include weeds dumped by local residents, weed seeds blown in to the natural areas from near by gardens, diminishing ground water and rabbits destroying local vegetation - these are our biggest challenges. (And then there are the enormous future challenges from climate change).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Connecting Land, Shores and Oceans

The above image was the symbol for the 4th Coastal Conference held in Denmark (WA) - land and sea along the coast were regarded as if through indigenous eyes as a living entity, as country to be protected. Almost 300 delegates from government agencies, educational institutions and community organisations exchanged information about their activities as managers and custodians of the immense coastal areas of WA - no less than 27.000 km (including the islands) of coastline with some 10.000 mainland beaches.

Two committee members of the Cottesloe Coastcare Association received funding to attend the conference to contribute to, share with, and learn from the knowledge and experience of so many committed people caring for our coast. The palpable good will, enthusiasm and willingness for hard work demonstrated by everyone inspired hope and optimism for the future inspite of the huge pressures of increasing numbers of people threatening to 'love our coast to death'.

One whole day was designated as a Community Forum to discuss Coastal Issues, Local Solutions. Some 20 community groups presented projects which showed how caring and committed individuals and small groups can make real differences, especially if they act in partnership with local councils and collaborate with a wide range of agencies. One of the most heart warming sights was a young woman who carried a baby kangaroo around with her in a shoulder bag because the joey still needed four-hourly bottle feeds. She belonged to the WA Seabird Rescue, a small group who rescues injured wildlife - they are in dire need of more helpers: if you would like to become involved, ring 9474 9055!

You can find more information about the conference, the key-note speakers, main issues and suggested solutions on our website: