Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cottesloe Primary & Conservation week

Last week was Conservation Week. CCA invited Cottesloe Primary Year 4's to celebrate what has been achieved so far by volunteers at Grant Marine Park and to share ideas about this year's Conservation week theme of water use.

The children, their teacher Mrs Marion Ewing and some parents shared a classroom under the pines with Coastcare officer Kate Sputore and Cottesloe Sustainability Officer Jade Hankin.
Kate talked about water saving at home and the children came up with many good ideas about water saving. Local plants were discussed and how these plants survive using limited water.
Teams of students each studied one local plant and then walked around Grant Marine Park to locate their particular species. The children prepared work sheets on the various plants then used this information to locate their own plant in the Park. (click on photos to enlarge)
We have found our lovely cushion bush! ( Leucophyta brownii)
Later in the day the school Principal asked the children about the activity and several students said that actually finding the plants in the bush was the best. Everyone involved enjoyed an interesting and fun Conservation Week event.