Saturday, March 01, 2008

Aqua Viva!

Have you ever wondered how the young plants on the fore shore dune of our new restoration project opposite Bryan Way can look so healthy when even grown up people feel like wilting away during these last hot weeks? Part of the (or possibly even the main) reason is this:

The Cottesloe Council water truck and the friendly Cottesloe Depot staff regularly helped us throughout the hot summer to fill hundreds of buckets and carry the life sustaining liquid to the thirsty plants.

We planted some 2000 tiny seedlings last year and only 8 months later most of them are still thriving! Have a look the next time you walk past them - it is particularly pleasing to see how our site demonstrates the contrast to the other parts of the dunes which are overgrown with weeds. Soon we will be able to remove the bamboo sticks and the beauty of biodiversity and local plant growth will become even more obvious. A joy for everyone!

(Photos: Robyn Benken and a kind passer-by)


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