Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hale & CCA - a great team

Mark Hoppe and his Year 6 Hale School boys put in a great morning's work with CCA volunteers recently.

Just before school broke up for summer holidays the boys and their teachers made time to do some community work. Kate Sputore, the North Metro Coastcare Officer and Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers met the team near Vlamingh Memorial at our ' Caring for Our Country' project site.

The work for the day included hand watering approximately 2,500 seedlings, removing many bags full of weed seed heads and tidying up hundreds of plant guards.
Considering our very poor rains this year it was vital to give the seedlings an extra drink in the hope that this will help them make it through their first summer.

A big thank you to Mr Mark Hoppe and everyone else involved in an excellent job, so well done.
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