Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hale boys and CCA - part 2

You can read in the previous posting about the wonderful work done at one of CCA project sites by the Year 6 boys from Hale School.

I asked some of the boys if they might send me an email with some feedback about the
session they had with us. You can read Massimo, Haseeb, Nick and Domenic's messages below:

"Coastcare is one of the many organisations that are dedicated to helping our beaches look better. We had the privilege of sharing that united goal as we helped Coastcare with many activities like watering and caring for the native plants. This all took place at Cottesloe Beach. Our contributions to Cottesloe Beach were recognised by the Coastcare staff and the community members of Cottesloe. Our Year 6 class thoroughly enjoyed working with Coastcare." Massimo Kirk & Haseeb Riaz

"Total fun, enjoyment and laughter the whole day and as a bonus helping the Perth
environment. Great cause and great feeling after woods. Gives you an new sense of understanding of care for the environment." Nick Kelly

“Helping with the Coastcare organisation was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not because it was incredibly fun nor because we got a prize at the end of it but because of the great feeling that comes to you when you realise you have done something good. It gave me a sense of “Well I’m doing my bit. I’m giving back to our beautiful planet. And most importantly, I would come back and do it again and again and again.” Domenic Quail

Many thanks to Massimo, Haseeb, Nick and Domenic for their messages.
It means a great
deal to us that young people think that the work done by CCA volunteers is important and is appreciated by them ALSO that they felt good about lending a hand.
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Hale & CCA - a great team

Mark Hoppe and his Year 6 Hale School boys put in a great morning's work with CCA volunteers recently.

Just before school broke up for summer holidays the boys and their teachers made time to do some community work. Kate Sputore, the North Metro Coastcare Officer and Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers met the team near Vlamingh Memorial at our ' Caring for Our Country' project site.

The work for the day included hand watering approximately 2,500 seedlings, removing many bags full of weed seed heads and tidying up hundreds of plant guards.
Considering our very poor rains this year it was vital to give the seedlings an extra drink in the hope that this will help them make it through their first summer.

A big thank you to Mr Mark Hoppe and everyone else involved in an excellent job, so well done.
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