Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated internationally as a day of global action and environmental awareness. The theme this year was based around the UN International Year of Biodiversity; ‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future,’ which is an urgent call to conserve the diversity of life on our planet.

On 4th of June employees from HWE Mining, Broad and Western Region together positively contributed to improving the biodiversity at Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. Working with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Cottesloe Coastcare, an area that was degraded by invasive weeds was revegetated with native species to stabilise the dunes and reduce erosion.

80 volunteers donned World Environment Day t-shirts and worked hard to plant an impressive 960 plants. Respect for the Community and Environment really shone through and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done!


Many thanks to Annelise Fraurud for the posting above. Cottesloe
Coastcare volunteers are very grateful to all the enthusiastic workers who gave their time to help us in this worthwhile project. A Commonwealth government program - 'Caring for our Country' has paid for the removal of Victorian teatree at the site, rabbit and weed control, some fencing and has funded the local provenance seedlings which we all planted on World Environment Day.

A big thank you from CCA to everyone involved!
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A good team - Synergy and CCA

On Friday 11 June 13 Synergy staff gathered at the Mudurup Rocks site near beautiful Cottesloe beach to contribute to the planting effort which has been undertaken by Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers. We were an eager bunch and after learning how the planting was done we went to work. Out came the shovels, gardening gloves and buckets of water and off we went, digging lots of deep holes with a burst of energy!

After awhile the team split into two groups with half the team focused on the digging while the rest of us got to work filling the holes with water, planting the seedlings and putting up guards to shield the plants and keep the pests out. After managing to plant our quota with half an hour to spare it was great to look back over the site and see what we had achieved. All in all it was a pleasant day and the Synergy volunteers really enjoyed getting out of the office to contribute to the planting effort and give something back to the local community and the environment. Synergy understands the importance of restoring and increasing the biodiversity of areas like Mudurup Rocks.

We believe it is important that future generations can appreciate and experience native species of plants and animals, and restoration projects, like the Mudurup Rocks project, are ensuring that this will happen.
It was great to work with the CCA volunteers and they should be congratulated for their ongoing efforts and dedication to conserving the natural environment.

(Thanks very much to Candice Grisbrook the Corporate Affairs Advisor at Synergy for the posting above. CCA is very grateful to Synergy for the support we have received for the Mudurup project. Fences have been erected and a limestone retaining wall; rabbit control and weed control has been funded plus approximately 4000 local plants - they all have been paid for by this generous sponsorship.)
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