Saturday, May 29, 2010

A week of willing workers.

We had a full planting week from Monday 24th May to Friday 28th May.
The Mudurup Rocks environmental restoration project is a joint project between Cottesloe Coastcare, Town of Cottesloe and Synergy/Landcare.

CCA volunteers agreed to undertake most of the labour (with assistance from Town of Cottesloe) but the fencing, erection of a limestone retaining wall and payment to the nurseries for all the plants was generously provided by Synergy/Landcare. Synergy staff worked with us in a weeding session a few months back and will join us in a planting day in mid-June.

This week a small team from Conservation Volunteers Australia joined us. Funding was provided to CVA from the project but the volunteers with CVA are not paid - they are just like Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers in that they are keen to give some time to assist local community environmental groups.

Ji- Sun( pictured here) was especially thrilled to watch two dolphins swimming close to the surfers at Cove.

CCA is extremely grateful to the wonderful gang from CVA and their co-ordinator, Steven, for the excellent planting all week. Some days were as pictured, bright and sunny but Thursday was wet and cold and windy yet the team pushed on a did a great job despite the conditions.

Planting at such a site as this one is not easy, the holes need to be quite big to help protect the plants from the strong salty winds and try to provide a bowl like depression for rain to catch in. The soils are severely water repellant so wetting agents need to be used. Rabbit control is on- going but because of the limitations on the type of rabbit control necessary in a built up urban environment unfortunately there are many rabbits still at large. This means we have to put plant guards on every plant which is a very time consuming business indeed!

Ignacio (Nacho) is a visitor from Spain. When our Chairman Mike met Nacho he asked him what he was going to do during his three months in WA - Nacho said he wanted to do some voluntary community work! The very next day Mike and Nacho were both digging Mike's famous deep holes for planting. And Nacho worked hard all week - many thanks, it was great to have you with us!

At the end of the week we calculated that 2375 seedlings had been put in the ground - a fantastic number - now only 3625 to go!!
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