Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quintilian Junior Coastcarers

Today Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers had the enthusiastic assistance of the Year 2 students from the Quintilian School, Mount Claremont, with teacher Tania Sims plus a bunch of lovely parents.

We planted about 200 local native plants at Mudurup Rocks, an area just to the south of the Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club.

The plants were paid for by Synergy/Landcare as part of Cottesloe Coastcare's Mudurup Rocks environmental restoration project.

We planted spinifex, knotted club rush, coastal daisy, fan flower, snake vine, and cotton heads. All these plants would once have grown on the site before rabbits and people destroyed the local vegetation.

We all hope that in a few years time local insects, lizards and butterflies will all be living among our plants and that birds will be much more numerous.

The children learn about biodiversity at school, today they worked hard to create a space where our local biodiversity will thrive - where local native plants and animals will replace a wasteland which was previously an unattractive eroded and weedy area.

At the end the session you can see all the plant guards which we erected around the small seedlings. These plastic guards will protect the plants from people and dogs and rabbits. When the plants are growing well the guards will be removed.

Some of the children are such enthusiastic workers that they may be able to encourage their parents to bring them to the site, to help again during our next 'Sunday session' on the morning of Sunday 6th June - see our website for all the details. (click on photos to enlarge)
Thanks again to everyone involved in a great morning's work!
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Blogger Carina said...

Thanks for a fantastic morning! Our family would love to come and help out on the 6th!

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