Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No April Fools at HBF

On 1st April (No joke!), half a dozen HBF employees came to Grant Marine Park with lots of enthusiasm and did three hours of very useful work. We pruned shrubs that overhung paths to make it easier for visitors. The prunings were spread around as mulch. We weeded lawn grasses that were invading the native vegetation. With a mighty effort we extracted some very large Sea Spinach bushes that were starting to engulf native shrubs. We pulled out a great many tiny Pelargonium plants to prevent a take-over by that pernicious weed. We removed plastic guards from plants that had died and rehabilitated guards that had collapsed. We gathered seed from Knotted Club Rush (Ficinia nodosa) ready to send off to be grown for future plantings. And we gathered female seed-heads from the Long-leaf Spinifex (Spinifex longifolius) and gave them shallow burials in bare patches of the dunes, hoping that they might germinate there. (Spinifex seed benefits from being abraded by blown sand – it helps germination.) The HBF team enjoyed their work in the fresh air as a change from the office routine. We were joined by some local helpers too, including four-year-old Hugh, who showed a great interest and worked hard.

Mike Gregson.
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