Sunday, November 29, 2009

HBF- caring for our coast

Community Spirit Day with Cottesloe Coastcare and HBF's very own Team
Going Green to Care!

Summer can be harsh on our native dune vegetation so we decided to head back to Cottesloe and check on the seedlings we planted and fertilised last Spring! Many shrubs and bushes were going strong, however sadly natural selection had taken the weak... harsh life on the sand dunes we were told by Robyn who helps runs the show and regularly volunteers much of her own time caring for Cottesloe's Coastline!

The day started at 9 o-clock sharp, under Robyn's watchful eye, and joined by Yvonne, Keith, Laurel and Sue we went about watering the plants... by bucket, one by one.. a top up meant to get them to May!!! A couple of hours later, after lugging countless buckets back and forth we were spent,days at the desk really hadn't prepared us!! But we weren't beat, a morning tea of Monte Carlo's, Coffee, Tea, and Brad's cordial and we were back!

Then came the weeding (no ones favourite), the quick tutorial on what was a 'weed' and what was a 'non-weed' seemed to leave us all bit confused! But never mind, we decided it didn't matter, we could spot three weeds so we went about up-rooting oats, onion weeds and these little rolly polly things. In the end Ryan and Toni cleaned up the unsightly oats along the path! Brad and Cail collected seeds to safeguard the 'bio-diversity' of the Cottesloe plant species! Brett machined his way through hillsides of onion weeds and Simon checked up on the fertiliser tree he planted on our last visit!

It was a great day filled with sunshine, friendly laughs and a good dose of Community Spirit! After all everyone at HBF cares and saving the world doesn't need to be all weeds and watering but healthy people do need a healthy planet!!
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Thanks Cail, Bradley, Simon, Toni, Brett and Ryan - what a great team! We Cottesloe Coastcarers love having enthusiastic groups work with us, many thanks. I must, however, explain the "fertiliser tree" mentioned above. Simon says he is "no gardener" but his team have never let him forget that he carefully planted a fertiliser tablet once - he thought it was a big and impressive seed. And while I am telling stories here - the HBF team gave Brad a hard time for his frequent drinks breaks and Ryan for being scared of a stick (he thought it was a snake).


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