Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beautiful blue and white

A few days ago when I was walking along the beachfront, I yet again, enjoyed the beauty of the November blue and white floral show provided on our Cottesloe foreshore.

The blue flowers are from the very common foreshore plant - thick leaved fan flower or Scaevola crassifolia and the white flowers (here with pink petals and bunches of white stamens) are from chenille honeymyrtle or Melaleuca huegelii. In 1837, the botanist, Baron von Heugel collected specimens of chenille honeymyrtle on Rottnest Island and at Fremantle.

Scaevolas or fan-flowers have a corolla split into a five lobed fan, arranged like five fingers. Scaevola means left-handed and the plant is named after a Roman hero.More information about the name comes from F.A. Sharr's 'Western Australian Plant Names and Their Meanings' - here it states that scaevola is a Roman surname (from scaevus or left-handed), originating from C.Mucius Scaevola (570BC) who attempted to assassinate Porsena, an enemy of Rome. He was captured and threatened with torture, then he burned off his own right hand to show his bravery.

I took the photos at Dutch Inn Groyne. Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers planted these beautiful local provenance plants in 2001/2.


Blogger Fredesk said...

Quelle bonne idée et quel superbe jardin vous faites là !

Merci à vous.

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