Saturday, October 03, 2009

Curtin Students - the spiel!

On the field trip were first year Urban and Regional Planning students from Curtin University. Environmental and Coastal Planning 112 is a core unit taken by 80 plus students (enrolment has increased significantly in recent years, reflecting the urgency of local environmental issues, the demand for clever planners, and the quality of the course itself). A key outcome of the unit is to align theory and recent academic literature with field experience. The intent is to apply student-centred learning strategies, such as those developed by progressive educator John Dewey, to ensure that students realize they are dealing with real life scenarios and real landscapes. We are looking to develop planners who are sensitive to the breadth of relevant issues and are capable of innovative thinking,acknowledging that the tradition of making coarse decisions from a distant office are no longer adequate. Therefore, rather than being confined to abstract classroom activities they begin to make critical links between the environment and the culture surrounding it, and gain an appreciation for the complexity of the work carried out by groups such as the Cottesloe Coastcare Association.

Thanks to Kent and all the students for removing lots of weeds at Grant Marine Park. And thanks Kent for sending us the spiel above, about Environmental and Coastal Planning 112.
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