Friday, August 07, 2009

Synergy/Mudurup project underway.

To find out where the Synergy/Landcare/Town of Cottesloe/CCA - Mudurup Rocks project site is, click here

The volunteers of Cottesloe Coastcare are delighted that the weed infested, untidy and eroded sections of the Mudurup Rocks area will be receiving lots of attention over the next 18 months. This project is guided by the Natural Areas Management Plan 2008.

Planting of species local to the site will happen in autumn and winter of 2010 so there is seed and cutting material to collect. Most of the seed was collected during the summer months in anticipation of our next project but some seed can be collected now.

The top photo is of parrot bush seed heads drying (Banksia sessilis) and the second photo shows some Banksia attenuata and Banksia menziesii cones - which I cooked on my barbecue, to open the follicles and extract the seed.

The third photo is of Ben Croxford of 'Nuts about Natives Nursery'. Ben has taken on the considerable challenge of growing some of the more difficult to grow local species, for volunteers to plant at the site next year. Some species have so few specimens remaining locally and the small amounts of seed we manage to collect is often unviable. For some species we must take plant divisions or cutting material. Ben is building up a small collection of stock plants at his nursery for CCA. He will then be able to take cuttings from these plants to build up greenstock numbers for planting out next year. Other seedlings will be grown for CCA by APACE Nursery, Fremantle.

In the bottom photo Ben and Anouska are carefully spraying the cuttings with water then wrapping them in damp newspaper. The cuttings travel to the nursery in eskies or styrofoam boxes.They are potted up in free draining potting mix, as soon as possible, once they have been carefully trimmed and dipped in an appropriate hormone gel.

We will keep up a blog diary as our new project develops. Watch this space!
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