Saturday, July 04, 2009

Battered by storms

Thirteen boys and their teacher battled the elements for an hour on a Monday morning (June 29) to work on dune rehabilitation. They were Year 8 students from Scotch College and their teacher Lisa Evans, and they planted seedlings at the southern end of Grant Marine Park in gale-force winds. At times there was horizontal rain, but that didn’t deter the boys. In fact, the amount of care they put into the planting was remarkable in those adverse conditions.

Despite all the rain we’ve been having, the soil was still dry, so we watered them in, in the usual way. Our Coastcare Officer Kate Sputore and three members of Cottesloe Coastcare helped to make the whole thing run smoothly. I hope the boys had warm classrooms to go back to! They did an excellent job.

(Thanks to Mike Gregson for coordinating this stormy session! thanks Mike for the blog post too)


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