Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday session

Cottesloe Coastcare has a regular working bee on the first Sunday of the month. On Sunday 7th June a group of 11 enthusiastic Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers plus the North Metro coastcare Officer, Kate Sputore put in a hard working morning.We planted local native plants at the south east corner of Grant Marine Park where an area of unused lawn is being returned to local native plants - so extending the natural area of the park.
The previously reticulated lawn was dead but it was very hard work creating holes in the dead material for planting. Mike and Anthony did a brilliant job with mattocks but I'm sure they will have had aching muscles the next morning. As always we need to water in the seedlings well, once they have been planted. Melanie (from CCA's QLD division!) is on bucket duty in this picture.

In this picture Elva,Marian and Kate(all in the foreground) are doing a great job planting seedlings.

Morning tea is always a good time to stretch the aching muscles, rehydrate and socialise! Some home made cake or biscuits is always appreciated by everyone. Kate made us all some fantastic chocolate brownies - many thanks Kate! Well fortified after morning tea, we were all able to finish off the morning planting of about 250 seedlings and erection of plant guards, by about 12 midday.
It was a great Sunday session - thanks to everyone!
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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quintilian coastcarers

The morning of 27th May was a busy one for the enthusiastic Grade Fours from The Quintilian School. Members of Cottesloe Coastcare, Kate Sputore -the north metro Coastcare Officer and two teachers all worked with the children planting seedlings at Grant Marine Park.
In the photo above Kate is talking to the students about the area in the background of the photo, which was a lawn but is now being converted to local plants. The children suggested that lawn would use far more water than native plants and that fertilisers used on lawn can pollute ground water and the ocean. They also thought that birds, insects butterflies and bobtails would all be able to use the native plants for food and shelter. They thought the local plants looked better too!

In the photo above Jono, Tim and Carlo are doing a great job planting grey cottonheads with help from Marion.(click on photos to enlarge)

In this photo Tatjana, Claire and Abigail are receiving help from their teacher Robert Knott.

In this picture Inaraso and Insenna are being shown how to plant a seedling by CCA volunteer Sue.

Thanks to teachers Bronwyn Kay and Robert Knott and all the grade 4's. It was a really good working session and we hope you all enjoyed your time helping us care for the Cottesloe coast.