Monday, April 27, 2009

More planting - with Therapy Focus

Some long waited for rain suddenly
arrived as we all got to work on the morning of April 22nd. Unfortunately, however, it was a fleeting shower and so we could not avoid having to water in the seedlings as we planted. One day we look forward to planting into wet sandy soil... but this has not happened for several years!

A team of people from 'Therapy Focus' joined us for the morning. Therapy Focus is a non- profit organisation which provides services to almost 2,500 young people in WA. They provide therapy and professional services to children with a disability or learning disadvantage- to help these children grow to achieve their full potential.
The group watered seedlings that we planted three weeks ago, planted another 150 seedlings, expertly, and placed a truckload of brush material on the foredune infront of 'Barchetta Cafe'. Unfortunately some people insist on clambering under the fence to access the beach, causing erosion in this area. A load of brush was putting a stop to this activity before the summer but then the brush was all gathered up and burnt on a fire on the beach in January!!!... so we needed to start again to try to prevent this area blowing out during winter.

Anthony is a member of CCA and with his friends and family he cares for a section of the foreshore running north from the Grant Street ramp. For several years now his team have been planting and caring for seedlings in this area. Despite that commitment Anthony joined us all at Grant Marine Park, and here he is showing off his superior planting skills. Thank you Anthony, friends and family!
A group of workers from Therapy Focus (above) plus all the hard working Therapy focus team - with our North Metro Coastcare officer, Kate Sputore (below). It was Kate's birthday, but the wind was too strong to light the candles on her cake... so he she is clutching her cake so that it does not blow away in the wind, while we all sang her "Happy Birthday dear Kate".
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