Monday, April 27, 2009

Cottesloe Native Garden continued...

Regular readers of our blog will know how precious this small section of native bush is to the members of Cottesloe Coastcare, and to other people in our community who love to walk along the sand path and listen to the birds in the grevilleas and grass trees. This is the only site in Cottesloe where there is such richness of local native remnant species. The limestone outcrops through the site provide a special habitat to many plant species which grow on no other sites in our town. ( see the article 'Plants to Plant' on our website for a full list of species from this site)

Town of Cottesloe has donated $3,000 to CCA to pay for seedlings of some 'very difficult to grow species' which occur at this site, many of these plants are in very small numbers. Some species have only one or two specimens remaining but CCA is keen to build up the numbers again so that there is a better chance of those plant species not being lost to our town - unlike so many others before them.

CCA volunteers planted several species including: Scaevola anchusifolia and Dianella revoluta.These two species have very few remnant plants in Cottesloe and now there is a greater chance of these species remaining here for future generations of birds, insects, lizards... and people to use and to enjoy!

This picture shows the site of our planting working bee. The area was thick with the troublesome woody weed, Victorian Tee Tree. Some of these weeds were removed during an earlier working bee and now we are keen to reintroduce the local plants which have been struggling against the weed invasion.

We will continue to update the blog so that you will see how this area can recover over the next few years. Weed control is a long term commitment so we will be looking for a few extra hands to help us remove Carnation weed and other nasties in the spring. `

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