Sunday, November 16, 2008

A week of willing weeders!

We have just had a very busy week! As you can see in the photos there has been lots of activity at our various Coastcare project sites. Funding was provided through Coastwest's Perth Biodiversity Project to give the North Metro Coastcare groups some assistance in their projects. CCA's share of the funding paid for a Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) team to assist Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers for a week. We are very grateful to Kate Sputore, the North Metro Coastcare officer and the team at Perth Region NRM for making this happen. CVA also gave an extra time donation to all the Coastcare groups, so we were also very fortunate to receive the extra assistance. The CVA team was great, we really enjoyed working together under the supervision of the ever cheerful and resourceful Fernando.

On Monday we started at Grant Marine Park, hand watering the seedlings we planted during the past winter. You can see Richard ( above L) digging out a large Sea Spinach plant. These scrambling plants smother the growing seedlings. Sea Spinach has such a long tap root that we generally cut the root and wipe the cut surface with an appropriate herbicide ( glyphosate) as digging all the roots out can do more harm than good sometimes.
Tuesday was spent at Vlamingh Memorial where there were mountains of weeds removed by the very hard working team... thanks so much guys! (photo, second from L top, sent by Mark).
Wednesday we did yet more weeding, hand watering and applied some mulch on the foredune opposite Bryan Way. Our site there is looking great, the plants are growing well and we are getting some positive comments from passers-by. (Two photos above (R): Julie weeding, Fernando and David hard at work)

Thursday it was the natural area around Dutch Inn Groyne which received some TLC. The photo (above R) shows the combined team from CVA and Cottesloe Coastcare. One willing worker was having a snooze on the bags of weeds!!

By Friday we had some aches and pains among us but we set to work at Cottesloe Native Garden. Hamish and Jade from Town of Cottesloe joined us and we had a great day with amazing results. We weeded out Geraldton carnation weed, watered all the seedlings which were planted 4 months ago then got rid of lots of Victorian Teatree ( two photos above). Hamish, Jade and the trusty chain saw achieved great things! The team installed a row of bollards ( photo L, digging the holes). The bollards will mark a line for the golf course lawn mowers to work to and a line for CCA and Town of Cottesloe to weed up to. Hand weeding and herbicide will be used as required in the natural area so that the local native plants will not be destroyed. In place of the removed Teatree approximately 400 local provenance seedlings will be planted next winter. The seedlings are presently being grown at 'APACE' and at 'Nuts About Natives' nurseries. (click on any photo to enlarge.)

Many thanks to everyone involved - it was a really good effort by a great team.
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