Saturday, May 24, 2008

In rain or shine

CCA volunteers are nursing a few aching muscles after 5 big planting days recently. Yesterday we worked in the wind and rain but this did not daunt our spirits - as you will see this in the photograph above, as volunteers sheltered from a sudden rain squall.

We were delighted that Pricewaterhouse Coopers employees Linda and Helen joined us for a day, thank you PwC. Teams from Conservation Volunteers Australia, sponsored by Woodside gave us excellent help each day, we are extremely grateful for Woodside's sponsorship. Thanks too for the experience of CVA supervisors Ruth, Fernando and Allen plus the enthusiasm of all the workers - some local and some international visitors.
So far this year we have planted, watered in and attached plant guards (where required) on approximately 1800 seedlings in various sites in South Cottesloe, the central Cottesloe foreshore and Grant Marine Park.

These two photos show Cottesloe Coastcare's first planting day at Grant Marine Park in the winter of 2003 (L) and exactly the same spot where we did some infill planting yesterday (R). In the background of the 2003 photo you can see the previous site of the children's play equipment, which had just been moved to the lawned area, the newly installed crushed limestone paths and small safety fence. You will also notice the almost complete absence of local vegetation in 2003 on this eroded and trampled exposed western slope of the secondary dune.

A big thank you to everyone involved. We are making a difference!
To see more photos from our planting days click on the link below:


Blogger Sue said...

Seeing the difference between what was there in 2003 and now is amazing. It is easy to forget what was there - so a big congratualtions to everyone who has been involved over the years!

12:31 pm  

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