Monday, March 17, 2008

Our trailer's had a facelift.

During a day long working bee on Friday 14th March, volunteers took a break to thank Simon McGrath of Abel McGrath Real Estate for funding the rust removal and paint job on the CCA trailer. Adrian Abel would also have loved to have shared a celebratory tea bag with the workers but the poor chap was on Rottnest on a perfect, mild and sunny day! (click on pic to enlarge)
The trailer is a important piece of equipment for CCA. In winter we use it to deliver thousands of seedlings for us to plant at our project sites, it houses our tools and the hoses for summer watering. Then there are the brooms and rakes, spades and buckets for mulching and rubbish collecting, weeding and seed collecting. Six years of work had taken their toll on the trailer but it is as good as new again thanks to the generosity of Simon & Adrian.
A team from PricewaterhouseCoopers (Retirement Incomes and Asset Consulting) joined CCA for the day. This is the second year that PwC has donated a day's enthusiastic work to Cottesloe Coastcare's Grant Marine Pk project. Various people commented that the site has improved dramatically since 2003 when CCA volunteers started work at the area.
We met a very pregnant bobtail sunning herself during the morning, her soon to be delivered offspring will appreciate the berries on the berry salt bushes that are now flourishing on the dunes at Grant Marine Park!
CCA volunteers and resident bobtails all appreciate the support of Abel McGrath Real Estate and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Click on the link below to view today's photo album from Grant Marine Park.
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