Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Draft Management Plan

Cottesloe Coastcare responded to the Town of Cottesloe's request for public submissions on the Draft Management Plan for Four Bushland Reserves.

CCA welcomed the Council's initiative in developing a Cottesloe Natural Area Management Plan and to set aside funds for the conservation of remnant bushland and restoration of degraded areas. However the Committee had a number of reservations about the Draft Plan, in particular:
  • Significant areas had not been considered, including Mudurup Rocks - a highly visible, extremely well visited, culturally and environmentally sensitive area.
  • Despite the Council’s support of CCA activities in the past, it was excluded from the planning process in this case.
  • Little of the local knowledge available was incorporated into the Draft Plan.

The key points and recommendations of our submission can be seen in the Letter to the Council and full details in the Submission.

(Text by Sue)


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