Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coastal conference Melbourne

I was very fortunate to attend the 2006 National Coast to Coast Conference in Melbourne in May. It was my first experience at a national conference and it was a fascinating and challenging experience for me. The conference papers are available on the Victorian Coastal Council's (fantastic) website.

There are interesting and thought provoking papers on the Seachange phenomenon, climate change, the process of rezoning the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the groundbreaking science of marine mapping, interesting thoughts towards NHT3 and very much more.
Other urban environmental volunteers may be interested to read Aidan Davison's polemic about 'urban nature' where he challenges us in our level of zealousness. This might be a basis for some comments on our blog?
I would like to mention that I received assistance towards my conference costs from the Swan Catchment Council (I am a community representative on the SCC's Coastal and Marine reference group) and the Conference organisers kindly paid my registration, with that of other volunteers from all over Australia.


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