Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More July flowering locals

Spyridium globulosum (basket bush). This beautiful shrub is flowering prolifically at present and some very low compact specimens can be seen in Grant Marine Park. In a protected position basket bush will grow up to 4m high. The leaves are dark green on the upper surface and have white woolly hairs on their lower sides. These attractive shrubs are common from Geraldton to the Great Australian Bight.
Hardenbergia comptoniana (native wisteria). This is a common vigorous climbing plant which is flowering at present in Grant Marine Park. The firm 10mm long pods open on hot summer days with quite a pop. Ants are attracted to the white 'fat bodies' around the seeds, they collect and bury the seeds so increasing the plants dispersal.


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to take care of and honour the sod


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